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PC climate control?

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  • PC climate control?

    I've recently found these "phidgets" being mentioned around this forum and I saw the number of "phidgets" they have available and I'm wondering if it'd be possible to create an electronic climate control system or something similar with them. In my car (04 Corolla), 2 servos for the cables, 3 outputs for the buttons/fan speed control, and a temperature sensor input. I'm just kinda letting ideas float around here, thinking I could have a second screen for control of the climate stuff, and that could be really cool....I dunno

    Let me know your thoughts on the idea....

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    Someone already did that but w/o phidgets. Search for "maestro".
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      I was looking at the phidgets as well, but they are just so expensive, that plus I'm nervous about the stupid thing breaking... I spent some time thinking about it, and the benefits didn't outweigh the problems for me.