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Panasonic Slim Slot CD - Info need for front panel.

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  • Panasonic Slim Slot CD - Info need for front panel.

    I finally got a slim drive for the system, but there is a minor problem ... hopefully someone here can help.

    The problem is the front bezel, when I got it the bezel was off and there is no eject button or light cover. It looks like one piece, but I need some help to find/make another one.

    Here are the specs:
    Drive: Panasonice CW-8121-B
    Type: Slim Slotload
    MFG: August 2002

    Basically, if you have a trashed one, I could use that little part.
    Alternatly, if you have a working one, please let me know about the part.

    What I need to know is how it looks to help me figure out how it works. Does it activate a pressure switch, or just connect the contacts.

    I can post a picture of the drive and bezel area if that would help.

    Many thanks ... I do want to get this one working.


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    I know kind of how you feel. I bought a Pioneer drive (model DVR-K05) from a site to remain unnamed (cough NewEgg cough) and it showed up with no bezel, even though the description said it was black. Contacted them and they offered a refund or replacement or $10 credit. Anyways, I "made" my own out of cardboard for the time being. Just cut a slot out for the disc to fit through. A very simple program can be made using AutoIt ( to eject the disc without the need to push the eject button on the drive itself.


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      and how does this make NewEgg bad? They offered to do the only 3 things that could be done... all of which are acceptable..


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        Recently replaced mine.


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          The panasonic has a small switch. Kind of like the switch you see in mice for their left and right click buttons.
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            slot drive

            I recently bought this off ebay, It has a few hi-res pics which might help.


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