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    I am working on automating the map door in my dash to reveal my touchscreen. I have a 2005 Mazda 6S. Anyway, designing the linear motion stage is not a problem, but finding a low cost solution to control it has. I am open to controlling it with either a brushed motor (Faulhaber, Maxon) or a very small stepper (Nema 11 or smaller).

    I am trying to find a way to control it with the PC so that when the car is started the computer comes out of standby and opens the compartment when it is ready. When the car is shut off, it sends the PC to standby and closes the door. If I use a stepper I can run it open loop with an optical switch as a home position to set zero (closed) and then use counts to a predetermined open. If I use a brushed motor, it would be cool if I cuold use an encoder and run off of that. I would still use one optical switch for home as well. I would also like a way to jog the motor for tilting to reduce glare.

    Another low tech option is to just use a switch like a window control and just run it into hardstops and let go. However this method would force me to close it when I exit the car.

    I have searched the hobby cnc sites, telescope motion controllers and everything I find is way overkill for what I need. Anybody have a link to an off the shelf item that can do this. Any way to do this with just the PC and output to a motor?

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    probably the easiest way is to follow bugbyte's install and use servo's and a servo control board. I am currently doing a setup similar to what you had discribed and i'm going the servo route as well.
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      Hey Scott,

      Thanks for the reply. I looked at the servo boards that sells or rather its parent robotics company. The main problem with the servo board is I need more travel then I would be able to get out of a servo. I need about 5" of linear motion.

      The Monitor is attaced to the lid and as the base is slid in and out it rotates the monitor and opens the door at the same time. However, I will look at teh persons instal you mentioned as it may give me some alternate ideas.

      Thanks again,