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Connecting a cd changer directly to PC

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  • Connecting a cd changer directly to PC

    I wish I could start this thread with some sort of cd changer to serial, or even better, cd changer to USB pinout. But I searched and I could not find anything about doing this. I just want to hook a cd changer (or DVD changer) in my trunk and run it directly to the PC as a "drive" Has anyone had any experience wiring a changer like that? Or is anyone aware of a product designed for PC's that is a changer?
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    Why would you want a CD changer when you have a hard drive capable of holding thousands of songs on it?
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      Yes, they are available for computers. They are kind of rare and I am not sure if anyone is still making them. I know several companies were producing them years ago, namely NEC and TEAC. I haven't seen any over 12x, but you never know. There are two on ebay right now.
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        You can have a look here. Its a thread about linking a PC to a HU via the CD Changer connection. It should be possible to link the CD Changer to the PC with the available information in this thread.