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  • Car Alarm Sensors

    I'm one of those guys that has to build everything myself, i hate buying premade stuff that I could possibly build myself, so with that in mind.

    I was wondering if anyone happens to know what frequency of sound car glass makes when it breaks, you know those car alarm sensors that listen for the sound of car glass breaking, and use bandpass filters to filter out everything else, i've heard its at 5kHz, and I've also heard its between 10-500Hz, i dont know which one it is, and I dont have any spare car window glass to test it out.

    So if anyone knows, could you post it? Thanks.
    Hey Laserlips, your momma was a snowblower!!

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    you are going to be spending so much more money making one yourself. they are like 5 dollars on ebay.


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      I dont think I'll be spending that much, a microphone and 2 resistors and a capacitor, or a microphone and 2 inductors and a resistor, not really expensive, plus making it custom I can make it perfect for my car.
      Hey Laserlips, your momma was a snowblower!!


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        lol, props bro. good luck with all of that.
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          Add a DSP so you can filter out everything but specific vibrations too.