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New Renault Megane CC rear speakers

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  • New Renault Megane CC rear speakers

    Hi. Does anyone know how to access the rear speakers on this car?

    Appears to be one massive panel with the grill in the middle. In the pannel above the speaker is the leather armrest, wonder if this somehow comes off?

    Also, I'm wanting to upgrade the speakers quite a bit.
    If i bought these subs to replace the rear speakers, would this sound ok with quality midrange and tweeters in the front? I know this might be awful for back passengers, but I hardly ever have any and they can just get used to it.

    I just dont want any big subs in the car anywhere.

    Last question, is the 15watt stock update list vdo hu gonna power any louder speakers (prob not the subs lol) or should I get an amp for all the lot?

    Any help greatly appreciated.