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Rotary Encoder Switch Emulation

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  • Rotary Encoder Switch Emulation

    So I would like wire something to this board, that I could control through software, to make the board think that the knob is being turned. I believe it's a rotary encoder switch, it turns infinitely and 'clicks'.
    Any suggestions?

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    It pretty easy, all you have to do is hook it up to the scroll wheel of a mouse. Check out this thread


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      Thanks...I saw that thread, but I want to controll it through software, not hardware.


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        I see, i dont think it would be possible unless you make some kind of device that hooks up to the encoder and can be controlled by your computer.

        What kind of board is that? Are you trying to control your factory radio via the computer?


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          It's actually my climate control. I've figured out how to control the buttons with a relay, now the only thing left is this knob. That's exactly what I am looking for. Maybe a PIC? I don't know much about them though...


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            Well I found this link . I was thinking maybe I could wire it up to a serial port and send binary data?


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              figure out how the pins are toggled as it rotates, and then you can easily emulate it. It looks like one pin is grounded and the others are pulled up with resistors, and with 2 pins my first guess would be a simple quadrature encoding scheme.

              You could then toggle those 2 lines directly by hooking up to the control lines on the serial port, or to the parallel port, (thus just dealing with some simple PC-side software) or you could do something like use a PIC to toggle those lines, and then communicate with it via serial or something.
              But don't take it from me! here's a quote from a real, live newbie:
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                I like how you make it sound so simple.
                So I did a little research on here's what i'm thinking:

                -wire pins 1 & 2 to output pins, and wire 3 to the ground
                -to make it thinks it's going one direction send 01010101 to pin 1 and 10101010 to pin 2 | for the other direction would be 10101010 to pin 1 and 01010101 to pin 2

                Am I going in the right direction?

                Edit: On second thought, I should hook them up to inputs first and read the data, then go from there?


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                  It looks like a potentiometer. There are a few digital ones out there that you could hook up to the IC.
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                    Here is a circuit that decodes the A and B signals into UP and DOWN pulses