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What kind of connector do I need?

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  • What kind of connector do I need?

    I have an 05 Acura TL and I need to figure out what kind of connectors attach to the factory stereo/HVAC system. I am going to put in my own carputer/touchscreen setup, and as part of the touchscreen install I have to move the factory "brain". This requires lots of wire extending (88 solder points I believe) and I would rather do this at a lab bench instead of in my car.

    I've noticed with some of the commercial iPod / AUX in solutions that they are now providing Y adaptors to simply plug into the factory unit. If I could figure out what kind of wiring harness adaptor they are using, I could build my own extender cables at home and then simply plug-in in the car and save the hassles of soldering in the car. Plus this also keeps my wires factory in case I ever want to move them back.

    Does anybody know what kind of connectors they are? I'm sure they are some kind of simple Molex type adaptor, but I have no idea what the specs are on them or model number and Molex offers thousands of different type connectors.

    Here are links to what I am trying to connect to:

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    Hint: PAC-Audio
    Google it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I've done a quick Google and I haven't found anything yet. I've found lots of stuff for the audio side, but I haven't seen (nor would I expect) that there would be a commercial harness to do what I want (namely for the HVAC/LCD display as there's really no commercial need for this). What I'm looking for is the actuall connectors that they use so I can make my own harness. Any ideas?


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        tap into the xm wires, that is waht i did


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          Yah, I'm doing that. The MAJOR problem is that I need to tap into the HVAC system. The XM is going to my carputer, and pretty much all audio concerns are taken care of. The problem is that I have to relocate the LCD's from the factory system. Unfortunately, they house BOTH the auto AND the HVAC system. Seeing as it gets butt as cold here and decently hot, I'd like to still be able to see what temp I am setting my car to. THUS, I have to EXTEND the cables to the LCD/Controls and why I am trying to figure out what the Connectors are for my car. It's really easy, and shouldn't cost me more than $7 to do, it's just a matter of figuring out what the hell the part numbers are for the stupid connectors.