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Using Alpine's AI-NET protocol?

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  • Using Alpine's AI-NET protocol?

    Has anyone had any luck with using the Alpine AI-NET protocol to interface their head unit / alpine hardware to a computer via USB? If I knew the transmission protocol details, I might be able to write a driver for WinXP for Alpine hardware. Imagine being able to plug in your head unit via USB to your laptop, and control software with your head unit controls...? My main reason is I dont want to fork out the cash for a separate touchscreen, and being able to have realtime telemetry display on my head unit would be great. Not to mention being able to control winamp or the like with my head unit controls.
    Anyway, if anyone has any information on how the protocol works, esp. the protocol timing, #bits for instructions, etc... it would be a great help.

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    I've tried this before with noe results, I have A D310 from alpine and I use the remote out to control my PC


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      With Alpine M-BUS Yes, but not Ai-Net. Hell, I really want one.
      Search for Car2PC adapter.
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