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  • I think i have an idea...

    i assumed someone had hacked up a faceplate before to relocate (hide) the headunit so you could still get that great radio quality of a headunit but have a seemless set up without it... ... i was wrong... after consideration (basically the cost of a faceplate to hack up is expensive and if it doesn't work....

    So i reconstructed my idea...

    on many lux cars or even your basemodel 4th gen firebird you can get steering wheel controls for your head unit... there is a harness/gadget you can get to make those buttons work with an aftermarket headunit... So i was thinking.. I could get this harness and make my own buttons to control my headunit from the backend so that i can relocate (hide) the headunit somewhere else out of sight.. and fab some attractive blue LED buttons around my screen....

    He's the first problem.. my 98 vette does not come with these buttons.. are these routed through the BCM or do they go direct to the HU???? does the HU power them or are they powered from another source?

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    you could also relocate the head unit itself and move just the face if you like to keep the display handy for whatever reason.
    I was considering ditching my overhead console since i dont use it and making a smaller one that would house the faceplate, so i could still use the controlls by hand if desired, or just use an IPAC for the wired steering remote

    In my case the only reason i want to keep the face handy at least is im always tweaking audio on the pioneer P780-MP plus the color display looks cool lol

    all you would need to do to relocate the face is take a look at the PINs behind it, and solder wires to it that would connect to the head unit and solder to the correct pin there
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      i would just move the stock head unit back a bit and relocate the radio buttons and display to the area below the screen or relocated hvac controls
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        that would be to easy....

        i'm pretty set on finding a way of hiding my headunit all together.. There is plenty of room for my headunit to fit in my dash as you know scott; HVAC an 8" screen and a 1/2 din HU will fit just perfect...

        I know many have relocated the face plate.. so i know that can be done.. but i want to take it to another level... i think i'll go to my buddies shop.. i'm sure he has the harness i need...


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          Here is a radio wiring diagram for a 1998 Pontiac Firebird V6 with the base sound system.

          This diagram shows the steering wheel controls connecting to the factory radio at pin 14 in connector 3 (the 20 pin connector). The controls get power from Fuse number 3, a 1amp "steering wheel control" fuse.

          I think it would be possible to add this functionality to your 'vette if you could get a hold of an entire firebird steering wheel. It appears that the pontiac coil assembly might have more wires. I hope this is helpful.

          Good Luck.
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