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  • My Touchdcreen design

    Hey, there you all!

    I'm starting this tread 'cause I'm gonna need a lot of help with a project:

    Just decided to order a new Candy White GTi today, it has a weird shaped 2 DIN head unit and got a nice plan to work a hiding touchscreen. First thing: my sis' got a 2005 Jetta, which has the single cd head unit;so I'm gonna trade her the 6 cd changer/sat capable head unit and use hers to do this.

    The plan is to dismantle the head unit, have the brains relocated (probabbly behind the dash, maybe in the trunk) and mount a touchscreen on the back of the faceplate, so it can either work as the stock head unit (just AM/FM radio, no cd, but who cares? anyway, I could get a CD changer if i get any regrets) or just turn around (servos will be needed) and have the touchscreen use the space. Nice, huh? I will be running a 5.1 speaker configuration, so I could even use the space behind the faceplate to locate a center channel. I'm planning to buy a Rockford 3Sixty processor, so I would feed it with 5.1 channel audio from the PC and the AUX would be used for the stock head unit's FR and FL (speaker to line level adapter's will be needed, unles IO figure out how to work with the monsoon connector). I intend to buy two 2 channel amps (for FL, FR, RL and RR), an amp to power a 10" sub (nothing fancy, just to keep the midranges away from bass) and I'll look for some self amplified center channel; the amps will be the new Sony XPLOD brushed aluminum with red led lighting (which I haven't yet tried, but their looks just match the car!)

    I also plan to keep the steering wheel's controls, which will have to switch from being used with the head unit to the PC when the faceplate flips...

    So, I barelly know how to use Photohop and don't really have much time to learn more, but I guess you can get an Idea of what I'm looking forward to do...

    Any comments and suggestions are welcome!
    Car PC progress: 60%
    Pics coming soon!!!

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    remember factory stereo is crap , and speakers too, so by adding an amplifier, or even swapping the headunit will cause your tweeters to rettle like crazy.

    you can do a computer set up, but if you want okay audio it means speakers door panels, and a lot of work

    i have 2006 jetta MKV that's the reason my project is going way too long, i had a computer set up with single din kenwood headunit in my glove compartment where manual is. Now i have rewired the whole car, and finishing up my door panels placing speakers where they supposed to be, the feet area rather than ***, also turning tweets towards my ears.

    lose headunit, get Ipac board to sincronize the steering wheel button with computer commands,

    R. T. F. M


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      I know stock equipment is a lame excuse for an audio system, but it works for the moment! Besides, I've done plenty of car audio installs on previous cars and I can tell VW usually puts nice speakers into their cars, they're just underpowered. Sure you can do better, but it does take quite some time and money to do real improvement! The first car I ever had a sound system installed on, had the best of the best, costed a fortune and still wasn't perfect... So I decided not to seek perfection in a place where there's very little chance to find it (a car is the worse place to look for perfect acoustics and requires loads of mods to get any close), but being able to listen to my tunes a little louder than with a stock system and with less distortion and noise works ok for me. I decided to spend my money on building the ultimate home audio/video/entertainment system instead!

      Don't get me wrong! I still wish for the finest car audio system that I can get! It's just that right now I barelly get enough time and money to get me going with the entertainment center at home and a basic carputer install in my car... Later on I'll give a thought about upgrading my whole car audio system.
      Car PC progress: 60%
      Pics coming soon!!!