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Digital Signal robbing from new M6

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  • Digital Signal robbing from new M6

    Hey all,

    Just wondering if anybody has heard of a way to interface the new "MOST" signal that the new BMW stereo's use.

    I've installed a Focal Dual Monitor amplifier, it has digital inputs which I am trying to use with the factory bmw signal. I've heard that some group in Italy figured it out and is designing a module for interfacing, but I haven't been able to contact them. Apparently the audio signal is carried along a digital cable using what is essentially an SPDIF signal. The issue is there are also bursts of other data that uses the same wire, so they must be filtered out, or simply ignored. There is a possibility that the source unit must get an answer back from the amp, similar to how the ibus stuff worked.

    If I can't figure out a way to use the factory signal, I'm going to have to install a regular deck. I tried using an LC-6 to combine the channels but it just sounds like garbage. Somehow the factory amp just wrecks the signal, it has no viceral impact and the front stage is highpassed quite steeply at around 160hz, completely removing the lower midbass from the signal. I tried using the subwoofer channels but its lowpassed at around 80, so I'm left with a big gap betweeen 80 and 160, which is an entire octave and a damned important one.

    We've got 20K of gear going into this thing and I can't get a full range signal anywhere! The owner doesnt want to put a deck in, but I'm starting to feel that its going to be the only way to do it properly.

    Why couldn't bmw just use a regular optical signal? They always have to make everything so overly complicated.

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    It sounds like they might be using something much like and HDMI cable. Have you been able to figure this out yet?