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hacking the dream'eo E320

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  • hacking the dream'eo E320

    I got a dream'eo e320 (aka PVP w/GPS) off of for a good price. Wanted to play around with it.

    It runs on Windows CE, 4.2 I believe
    I am interested in hacking two things in particular:
    1. the operating system. a newer version of CE or another OS such as linux or netbsd that could perform the same functions or better than stock
    2. the hard disk. the 20gb fujitsu go inside is adequate, but I was pondering if it would be worth it to take it apart and determine whether or not it is upgradable

    Everything else seems to work pretty great. It's just a little 'buggy' and lacks 2 features I'd really like:
    It can't do random across disk without my creating a playlist and then adding everything on it.. which is a bit annoying.. if I had a mobile version of winamp or fubar or something I'd be more pleased (also no custom EQ)

    It can't play music while using the GPS program.. which seems to me surely to be a OS limitation, as my Windows Mobile 5 htc mda can play music while doing just about anything..

    Anyhow, if anyone has any good input on this, I'd appreciate it. Here's are the specs of the device:

    Operating system Based on Microsoft WinCE.Net 4.2
    Storage 20GB, can be used as a USB2.0 external Hard Disk
    Display TFT LCD, 64K colors 3.5”, 320x240 pixel resolution, Touch Panel for Navigation application
    TV out Support PAL and NTSC output
    Audio Internal Mono Speaker, Stereo Headset jack, Stereo Audio Out jack
    Remote Control Consumer IR receive for remote control
    Keyboard Included digital keyboard, data entered with touch screen, 4 directions button
    or Remote control
    Data Transmission High-speed USB 2.0, 480Mbps Max
    Memory Card Support CF Card and I/O function card
    Battery Rechargeable Li-polymer battery 2200mAh, (approx. 3 hours for continues video playback, more than 7 hours for continues music playback)
    GPS Navigation Search Destinations by Address, Intersection, Address Book, Previous
    destinations and advanced Points of Interest (POI) searching in over 40
    categories. Turn by Turn Route Guidance by Arrow, Voice, Text, and Zoomed In Map View 3D, 2D, and Split Screen Map Views, 6 Map Zoom Levels
    Video Playback Support WMV, MPEG 4 SP, ASF, Microsoft AVI format video and DivX
    compatible. Resolution up to 352 x 288 @ 30f/s
    Music Playback Support MP3, WMA and WAV format audio Resolution up to 320 kb/s,
    44.1kHz, CBR WMA or MP3 audio.
    Picture Viewing Support GIF (exclude Gif 89a), JPEG, PNG, BMP format images, Resolution up
    to 4 mega pixels
    Slide Show with Background Music and adjustable transition effect.
    Audio Recording Encoding voice (MIC in) @ Bit Rate: 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps
    Dimension 126 x 81 x 24mm
    Package Content PVP E320 Unit , AC Adapter, Stereo Headphone, USB 2.0 Cable, S-video cable, Audio I/O cable, Remote Control, Quick Start, Companion CD (ArcSoft Software)
    GPS Kit Includes: CF Antenna and External Sensor, Car mounting bracket, Car lighter adapter

    the gps software is not 'included' but preinstalled on the device (which i think is kind of lame)

    It's 'horizon navmate'

    any input appreciated: Thanks!~


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    So many views and noone has input?
    I guess I'm on my own on this one..

    unless i'm in the wrong forum..


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      update: I need a bootloader for windowsCE 4.2
      netbsd or linux preferred

      if anyone knows of one please let me know.


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        I'm looking into this myself and looking for other reviews thanks for being the brave one. If I end up getting one, I'll post in this thread.


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          Wow, nice to see a reply. I currently just have the device dissasembled on my desk.. until I figure out a bootloader that will run on WindowsCE 4.2
          linux, unix, netbsd, windows ce, mobile, pocketpc or otherwise.


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            Is it possible to upgrade the harddrive? I just ordered one from TigerDirect and Im beginning to think the 20gig hdd isnt enough.


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              i just got mine too

              anyone know how to update the gps maps on here? besides the $200 for what i need from the site!

              i got this mainly for the gps. i have a dedicated modchipped xbox for the media aspect, so the 20gb hard drive is just a portable hdd for me.


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                Interested in "upgrading" Dream'eo E320 PVP as well

                I also recently purchased a Dream'eo E320 PVP and have the same exact problems with it as you, kenji (multitasking - using GPS while playing music, better MP3 player).

                Also have you noticed that it takes "forever" (20-40 seconds) to get from the home screen to actually playing a song? I have about 20 folders, each with ~400-600MB of mp3s in them. Loading a folder takes ~10 seconds, loading a file and playing it takes ~20 seconds. Switching from song to song isn't snappy either. I don't know if this is a function of the 400MHz processor, or poorly programmed interface/software.

                I'm looking into loading a different mobile OS as well. If anyone makes any headway, please post results here.


                Update Sun Dec 17th, 2006 - I made some changes and it now takes only about 10 seconds to get from the home screen to playing a song. However I'd still like to multitask and/or replace the OS. I read on another forum about showtaskbar.exe that will, as its name implies, show the Windows CE taskbar so you can switch between apps. Anyone know about this or where it is?


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                  Dream'eo new hard drive

                  ok, I bought one of these things and I do like it. I put a 60gb 5400rpm drive in it. I first tried a EIDE drive and the thing acted all strange and slow. So I put a Fujitsu 60gb IDE in it and it works great(it comes with a Fujitsu from the factory). All I did was create a ghost image of the Dream'eo and swapped the drive and put the image on the new drive and it is working fine. As for any other hacks I really can't find too much on hacking the Windows CE 4.2 .net. I was able to get the "Showtaskbar.exe" to work, but there aint much you can do. I also got a regedit program to work on it. From there you can see a ton of folders you can't normally see. Any more hack info. Please post it.


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                    Much hacking progress on this device has been made on the GpsPasSion forum, head there for more...


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                      Linux boots!

                      I have linux booting on my Dream'eo PVP E320.

                      Download haret.exe, zImage, and startup.txt from
                      Put them all in a directory on your PVP
                      Play haret.exe
                      After a few seconds, you should see the Linux console booting (sideways).
                      You won't be able to do anything, touchscreen and buttons are not working yet, and the buttons will probably never work (they are connected to the CPU through a custom CPLD that will be very difficult to reverse engineer). The only way to interact with it is through a serial console, which requires some very delicate soldering.
                      Source will be availble once I clean up some hacks.


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                        Heh. You will be much better off with Windows CE in my opinion. At least Windows CE has loads of decent navigation software (more and better than WinXP even) as well as pretty much any other kind of app you would need on a CarPC. For better and much more detailed info on hacking your dream'eo PVP and doing things like replacing the crappy PMP GUI, see this thread on the GPS Passion forums here:



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                          hi, does any1 here know how to make the navmate software run on a pocket pc?


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                            any luck so far

                            Hi Folks
                            Another one joins the Bus !!!. I just got a dream'eo GPS MP3 Player PVP 320.
                            I tried to install TCPMP and all the windows stuff but it wont install.
                            I notice that just below the power plug area there is a small receptacle for another chord. That must be the one that gets to the ROM.
                            Has anyone of you had any kind of luck to get TCPMP or any browser to run ?
                            I am looking for the following functional aspects :
                            <> How to get the latest Update on GPS Maps
                            <> How to install TCPMP Core player. I have lot of movies in 3GP format that I'd like to transfer over to this 20GHDD
                            <> How to get this to be Wi-fi Savy So that I can double this up for intenet access while I am travelling on those Free Wi-Fi restarea hotspots .

                            Thanks again folks. Lets work on this more focused. I am sure we could come up with something .