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Redesigning the 2002 Chevy Suburban A/C Controls

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  • Redesigning the 2002 Chevy Suburban A/C Controls

    I am looking for wiring diagrams for the 2002 Chevy Suburban. These controls are also used on the Tahoe as well. Anyways, I want to find the diagrams so I can redesign the controls using smaller Pots and switches. I think that the control is too big. What I really want to do is hide them behind the cover for the tape storage compartment. Does anyone know where to get these diagrams and /or get new controls for this. I am getting a service manual that is 3000 pages long. I dont think they will post the diagrams for the inside of the controls though. Once again, any help would be great. As soon as I get them I will try to build the diagram in MultiSim circuit design. Thanks.

    P.S. I am also looking for any other diagrams available for the car.