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Renault Tuner List / Update List Problem

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  • Renault Tuner List / Update List Problem

    I was wondering if anyone could possible help me with a little problem I'm having. I own a 2002 Renault Megane with a Tuner List CD player. I've just bought an Update List CD player from eBay from a Megane 2004. However when I connect the new one up, the display or stalk controls don't work. Any ideas if there's a workaround to resolve this? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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    tuner list for Update list

    Hi. Did u get an answer to your query as I have EXACTLY the same issue.
    Bought UPDATE List on ebay to fit 2003 Scenic, which had Tuner list originally.
    Connects in fine but will not do anything except beep and light up.

    No CODE entry display, no display at all and no sound. or stalk controls.

    Should I sell it on?



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      Tuner List and Update List have different pinouts for the display and steering stalk.

      There are two major differences between the Update List and Tuner List head units:

      1) Update List features an analog line input/AUX at the back (green mini-ISO connector)
      If this is what tempts you to replace a Tuner List with an Update List,
      you're better off getting an aftermarket AUX adapter from companies like Connects2 or Dension,
      that goes into the CD changer port of your Tuner List, or get an aftermarket head unit.
      The reason for this becomes apparent with the second big difference…

      2) The yellow mini-ISO connector that goes to the display and steering column remote stalk,
      is the same physical connector on both Tuner List and Update List,
      but its pinout and the communication protocols on the data lines are very different.

      Tuner List uses a proprietary standard by VDO, who makes these radios,
      while Update List uses the vehicle's CAN bus
      On cars that come with the Update List HU, these connectors are wired into that loom.

      (The cars that came with the Tuner List HU do indeed have a CAN bus,
      but the big difference here, is that the Tuner List and its display+stalk does not utilize the CAN bus.)

      There are a few companies out there, like Autoleads, Kram, Connects2, and a few others, that specialize in adaptor wiring harnesses for various purposes. Maybe one of them has an adaptor that creates a virtual CAN bus for the Update List to use, which in turn interfaces with VDO's own display+remote interface?

      I, personally, intend on replacing my Tuner List with an aftermarket head unit with display and remote interfaces for my 2004 Laguna. The benefits are bigger than for an Update List, which still does cost a bob or two, even on eBay.