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USB game controller or PS/2 game controller?

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  • USB game controller or PS/2 game controller?

    Has anyone used game controllers to interface their stock radio or have used them period? I am trying to decide which one to use. Here is what I am talking about:

    USB 32 key Version

    PS/2 32 key version

    Here's the deal: I have wired to my dash mounted switches and I want to interface with the switches. I have tested the switches and noticed the following:

    One side is connected to ground
    The other side of the switch sits at ~2V and is grounded when the switch is

    What I need to do is connect the 2V side of the switch to either of these controllers. I am concerned though about voltages. Is there a voltage present on the inputs to the controller. I don't want any voltage to feed INTO the stock radio and risk killing the radio controls. Any recommendations on which one of these to use?

    I want to use this with Roadrunner and just simulate key presses and I know that part can be done no problem with their software.
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    Ok after talking with a Great tech support guy at groovygamegear, I found out that the inputs are held high ~5V by a pull up resistor which is kind of what I was thinking. So to continue my thoughts, here is a crude diagram of what I think I should do. Be aware I am purely guessing on how the stock controls work. Thoughts?
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      This has nothing to do with the voltage part of yor question, however, as far as software, I think the Joypad 3.0 program by CDR actually supports this exact board and allows you to send commands directly to RR without going through a keytable ini. It only shows 10 buttons and a directional pad on the normal download but I believe someone asked him and he made a version based on this 32 button board.