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IR question about BlaXtream tc-1000

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  • IR question about BlaXtream tc-1000

    Hi Guys. got my Car PC all up and running after thinking about it for about 4 years!

    I have a Pioneer remote (steering wheel attached one)
    I want to be able to use this to control the carpc and Roadrunner.
    I know i could get a serial or Usb IR reciever.
    but my Question is...

    Does the "onboard" IR sensor connect to the pc in anyway that is usable. at the moment it seems to only have the abilty to control the ET-bios via the supplied remote. It would be great if i could just use this to recieve the IR signal. If not i will go with a extrenal IR reciever.

    Hopefully someone knows something about these units. Did a bit of searching but couldnt find the info i was after.

    Thanks Guys!

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    So i worked out for anyone interested that the onboard IR does have the abilty to control the pc. i happened to be in the back seat of my car haivng a beer whilst a mate was being the designated driver. I started playing with the remote supplied with the PC. i worked out that 2 buttons on it controlled the pc the esc button and the enter button. both of which do as they say one presses enter and the other presses escape.

    Now i downloaded winLirc and tried to get it working with my pioneer steering wheel remote. i couldnt achieve this.

    one problem i have is that WinLIRC asks for the com port of the IR device. i dont think the onboard IR is assigned a com port.
    The second prob i have is if the pioneer remote sends anything that the onboard IR can recieve.

    Any advice would be greatly apriciated.