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  • Mulit touchscreen multi functio

    I hope this is in the correct section. I am a newbie and have been doing a lot of reading in here. I am wanting to utilize 4 separate touchscreens on one computer. I have seen that drivesoft and now Streetdeck advertise multi monitor ability. Drivesoft in particular advertises each monitor can be doing a diffrent function. My question is I know the software might handle it, but how would the hardware need to be installed? Is there a usb or serial adapter to do such things.

    Also will the streetdeck actually control 4 separate monitors doing different things? That leads me to question number 2. Are there any dual core boards or dual processor boards out there to keep up with this type of multi tasking in the auto environment? I do not mind a slightly larger case or board, but need to make sure it will work on the readily available auto power supplies.

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    Streetdeck does not have Multi Monitor ability. Drive soft is just spliting up signal from the vga output. Its one ugly interface but i really dont know how the software works. all the touchscreen goes to one usb interface. No touchscreen interface can control different thing. Touchscreen is like a mouse one pointing device per system. You will take focus on one screen when you click on the other screen. Example: you are controling your touchscreen from the front and you kids are in the back playing a game. they will have full control until you click on the screen to change music of something. then they have to take focus back to what they are doing. Basically only one program or screen can have focus at one time. Not one mouse or pointing device doing different thing.