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Lilliput 889GL Touch Cursor goes to top left corner after 10 mins.

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  • Lilliput 889GL Touch Cursor goes to top left corner after 10 mins.

    Hi everyone

    I have searched the forum extensively for someone with the same problem as me but with no luck.
    A lot of the probs peoples have had are similar but mine seems unique in the fact that the touchscreen works fine until after about 10 mins and then whether im pressing the screen at the time or it is not being used the cursor shoots into the top left hand corner!
    After it is in the corner the touchscreen no longer registers a beep when i touch and the cursor just stays there.

    I have tried loosening the facia off until it was extremely loose and i also took it out of my dash and tried it.

    I have no idea what is going on here and as this is a brand new screen i cant work it out.

    I used it for the first two days with no probs but now it only seems to last 5-10 mins before i beeps once and the cursor goes into the corner.

    Unfortunatley i have removed the hosuing so no longer have warranty but i think it is only a driver problem anyhow.

    I have tried about 4 different drivers including the ones that came with the screen but no luck.

    Anyone got any ideas as i cant think of anything else to try apart from reinstalling xp which i am very very reluctant to do as to copy all my GBs of data back onto the HDD i will have to do so over wireless G connection as my HDD is not very easy to remove from the car case/tray i made for it!


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    Touch cursor

    Since you have it torn apart, find where the touch controller connects to the main board and look for cold solder junctions on the 5 wire input and outputs (where the usb wires solder to the board and where the usb controller solders into the main board)...if they look iffy, just touch them with a soldering iron and reflow the connections. You'll probably have to reload the driver after. The only other thing to check is to make sure the LCD is not warping and causing a false touch when it's heating up.


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      Another possibility (though highly unlikely) is your inverter. It's a remote possibility, but it could be causing an induction loop. The poximity to the edgge is what makes me think this. But I have no idea where the inverter is in 889.
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