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2003 Durango Steering Wheel Controls

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  • 2003 Durango Steering Wheel Controls

    Hey Everyone,
    I am hoping that someone can give me a hand. I have searched and read a lot of threads on steering wheel controls but so far they all relate to connectivity to a carputer (naturally). Unfortunately a carputer, or in my case a truckputer is in my plans yet.

    I have an 1980 Ramcharger that I installed a complete steering column and wheel from a 2003 Dodge Durango. I am looking to utilize the the steering wheel controls for something other than controlling my stereo (actually I want to control my power windows with them).

    So I am looking for information on how I can translate the CAN BUS signals to trigger individual +12V lines that I can then connect to the good old fashion type power accessories.

    I would think that someone has done this already as I would think that this might be easier than some of the applications that I have read about here.

    BTW, Some of the stuff that is being desinged here is absolutely amazing... My head hurts from the ingenuity that in on this forum.