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Touchscreen install not working

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  • Touchscreen install not working

    The hardware is the touchpanel that comes with the 7 inch liliput.

    The touchpanel works. But I reinstalled Windows XP Home. So obviously I'd have to reinstall the touch panel software.

    So I did. But installing the software doesn't make the touch screen work.

    What gives? I must be skipping a step. It's been 3 years since I did this last and I can't remember if there's any tricks to it.

    The software that I tried to install was the TOUCH KIT software.

    Is that the touchscreen controller with all the drivers and stuff, or is that just a program to customize how it works and calibrate it and what not?
    Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3

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    Alright I fixed this problem, but I don't know why.

    When I reinstalled Windows I didn't change any of the hardware. Everything was left plugged in where it was plugged in.

    So after struggling with the touchscreen not working I switched my two USB cables at the computer to opposite USB ports. Immediately Windows recognized all the hardware it hadn't seen before.

    Why is that? Why does switching ports make a difference sometimes?
    Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3