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Griffin Powermate does not work after reboot.

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  • Griffin Powermate does not work after reboot.

    after stand by the griffin work pefectly fine. After reboot i need to unplug it and plug it back in in order for windows to recognize it.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any Solutions?
    im thinking my laptop might be having trouble supplying enough power but it works fine once i do that little trick so i am not sure about this one..

    any help?
    thx phil

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    Is it connected right to the usb port or do you have an extension cable in between the two?

    Long runs can cause power drop which will wreak havoc with usb devices. I had the same issues with usb devices until I put a powered hub in the front of the car.

    Good luck
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      You might need to pull the good old devcon.exe trick or the like. This simply disables your device before sleep/hibernate and enables it after resume.
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        do u have a link to devcon.exe? all i find in the forum here is comand lines lol...i have no clue where to put those....

        thank you.... its only on reboot and hibernate. Stand by is fine...