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wii remote car accelerometer

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  • wii remote car accelerometer

    i did a search to see if this has been mentioned and all i found was a wii bluetooth thingy to control computer. so that means no one has mentioned this yet.

    i found a very interesting on it was using a wii remote to make an accelerometer. it logs all the data created into a home made program i believe. its almost like a gtech pro. but it logs everything into your computer. sounds very very useful to anyone tuning their car.

    heres the like on hackaday:

    and the one on the site that better explains it:

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    RR plug-in anyone?

    I was skeptical, but this looks very cool
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      just what i was thinking..........


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        I tried it out and downloaded bluesoleil as recommended, it didn't allow me to BTSYNC my treo anymore and after I uninstalled bluesoleil it wouldn't allow my bluetooth stack to work anymore... I ended up finding the drivers for it, and it's back to the way it was.

        As long as you have glovepie and can sync it with your computer, it will work. It does have a flaw though: if you are running uphill, it will show you are going faster than you really are, and vice versa for downhill.

        For this to be integrated into RR, one would need to find a way to have it automatically input the numbers from output.txt into the sample .xls file that is provided and then map it into the graph. Not to try and dog this. It's more than I would have been able to come up with, so I applaud the effort, but in practice it's not practical.
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          how precise is the accelerometer in the wii remote? from what i remeber its good with fast accelerations but pretty weak with slow ones ..cant give any numbers but certainly <g for almost any car... lol i dont know about dragsters and stuff haha


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            all i know is that it as close to a gtech pro as you can get. except this one can be displayed and recorded onto a computer. even the gtech pro is a guestimate device. this one seems to be a more affordable(?) and diy way of gathering this info. results could become interesting if any further developments occure with intigration into RR.