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On Digital IR Remote RS232 Mod -Pinouts-

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  • On Digital IR Remote RS232 Mod -Pinouts-

    Hi to all! I have bought on a forum the On Digital remote control, already modified. Unfortunately it has arrived to me with the serial port DB9 completely detached and the vendor is not in a position to gives information to me x to repair it. On the forum I have found the pinouts of the modification, but once opened the receiver, SURPRISE! The colors do not correspond and I do not know what to make! Someone could post 2 photos, that is one of DB9 connector without cover and one of the PCB of receiver IR so that I can see the colors? Thanks.

    Here the instruction that I have found that unfortunately it does not correspond at all like colors...

    DB9 serial PIN Color

    1 None
    2 Brown
    3 Yellow
    4 None
    5 Orange
    6 None
    7 Green
    8 Black
    9 None

    As you see as an example, the orange, the green and the red wires are excluded, the old owner have cut them. Now

    the colors do not correspond and online does not exist one more clearly... Can you help me?

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    i'll try to find mine, i have one somewhere that i wired up a couple of years ago
    - Vorex Out


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      Thank You man! I will wait for!


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        Well it wasn't where I thought it would be...I'll check around more later, I'm sure I have it somewhere.
        - Vorex Out


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          Ok man, when you will find it you make to know me! Thanks a lot!


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            Well this is from another forum member:

            Colour Pin number
            browny pink.............2
            dark brown.............8
            orange.............not connected
            red.............not connected
            green.............not connected

            everything matches with your picture 'cept the dark brown, i would bet thats the grey, but maybe all the colors are switched around...I haven't had a chance to look outside yet, waaaay to much stuff to go through right now, heh.
            - Vorex Out


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              i looked around and still can't find it, i think my gf might have thrown it out accidentally....
     i uploaded the old docs and girder file from back in '04 when this remote was popular.
              - Vorex Out


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                Sorry to drag up an old thread, but i have just received one of these receivers and want to use it with my HTPC.

                The ebay auction said it was already modified for use with carputer projects although i don't know what those mods are.

                I have it connected via a serial to usb adapter because i have no serial port (well there's a header on the mobo but i don't have the db9 socket)

                Using a serial watcher program i'm getting no response, is it likely the device isn't communicating correctly, i read something about this receiver only working with the qwerty buttons of the original remote? i have a logitech harmony 880 and have added a suitable OnDigital setbox to the setup.
                Or is it more likely that its the usb to serial adapter?
                It's a Keyspan one and the power light flashes slowly on and off while the receiver is plugged in.

                Bascially i need to know/decide whether to buy the serial db connector for my mobo or buy an alternative IR receiver

                Sorry for the essay!
                My install... check it out!