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Igo Stowaway / Ultra-slim Bluetooth Keyboard : $29.99

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  • Igo Stowaway / Ultra-slim Bluetooth Keyboard : $29.99

    Seriously... Free shipping. I ordered one last week, came in a few days, works beautifully.

    Only gripe is the 'how-to' tape that they seal it with during shipping that shows you how to open and close it -- the tape sticks to the keyboard, so be prepared to pick off the tape for a while... but other than that.

    Killer deal. Especially when this keyboard normally runs for $149 (MSRP)

    Thought I would share.

    The pop-up holder for traditional sell phones can pop right off btw. It's ALMOST small enough to fit in my arm-rest... all of 2-centimeters too long ('02 325Ci).

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    Seems the price went up today from 29 to 59 ... sorry about that, but still a decent deal.