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  • Handheld thumb trackball

    Anyone else using one of these?

    I've been doing the car PC thing for several years and I've tried several different input devices and I just keep coming back to this one.

    I know everyone else likes touchscreens, but really think of all the disadvantages:

    Increased glare
    Reduced brightness (~50%)
    Calibration and recalibration
    Questionable reliability (hardware and drivers)
    Poor control for fine operations
    Hand hides what you are trying to control
    Constantly cleaning finger smudges off the screen
    Having to route another cable to dash
    Increased cost

    Now I will admit, I haven't tried any of the newer touch screens, but my early generation Lilliput really put me off.

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    I used one of those for a while. It was ok. Couldn't beat the price, and recently saw them at Walmart for like 4 bucks or so.

    I then switched to this Targus, E-Cig Mods
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      Nice. Too bad its not bluetooth for that price.


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        nice. best use of an ashtray I've ever seen. So I'm guessing you leave it in there and have remapped the default mouse 1 to the default mouse 2? Cause I don't see how you can reach the finger-trigger button.

        btw, you are lucky to have a ps2 version. The more crap connected to usb the slower the boot.


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          It's quite cool, because you press the top of the ashtray and the lid sort of slides and turns to the right on a little spring thing.

          I have switched the axis upside down because , well the mouse is in upside down, but have not switced the buttons so they are still reveresed, but I hav e got used to it. I did have them the right way around , but found sometimes windows 'forgot' that setting and reverted back to normal.

          I did intend (read still do) to mould it so the curves and the back bit with the whole are gone, but have never got around to it, and it's been there over three years.


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            I really like that. Hidden when not in use, no visible wires and it's not going to get lost under the seat or fly around in a turn. I really would think about casting a custom housing for it though. That would definitely be the finishing touch..


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              Originally posted by Enforcer View Post
              Be using one for years (well the PS/2 version anyway.

              I had 2 and been using them for years too. Really like it. Got it for 10 bucks each for USB and $8 for PS/2.
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                Been usin something called a "phaser" by IOGEAR for a couple years now.

                The batteries (2 AAA) tend to last for about 2 months with EXTENSIVE use.


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                  That's a new one on me. It does look a bit like a STNG phaser, lol.


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                    I just popped some information on this mouse in my worklog:


                    Shifter Mouse
                    I came upon a very nice mouse for the shifter. I already had the PS2 version, but ordered the USB version for the vehicle. It was $20 from

                    They were also available on Amazon, but, when I went to provide that link, they were "not available" there, at least right now. The reviews on Amazon were mixed, but mostly because it isn't great for use with a keyboard; you have to take the mouse off your finger to type. I've used it for testing, and I think it'll be just what I want, mounted in the vehicle.

                    Mine isn't installed yet. My plan is to disassemble it and build a new shifter knob around it, much like a joystick. I'll run the USB cable out the bottom along the shift lever, rather than have it hanging out of the front.

                    For those who want to try taking this finger mouse apart, there's a single Phillips-head screw under the label on the bottom of the mouse. Take that screw out, and it snaps apart nicely for any custom work we want to do.


                    I haven't done anything more with it yet, but I can see it becoming a joystick-like head on my shifter.

                    These come in several colors from different vendors. Since I have both PS2 and USB versions, I swapped the mouseballs. I now have a black fingermouse with a black mouseball. That's nice and stealthy, in keeping with my desire to attract no interest from the Bad Guys Who Break In.
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                      Any progress with this rdholtz? I had the same idea, I'm waiting on a spare shifter knob to come in so I can experiment and was just wondering how yours was coming


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                        I have one of those if anyone wants it. Used it for a billiards game years ago.
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