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  • Powermate sensitivity

    I'm trying to get a Powermate to play nice in my install. Is there any way to lower the sensitivity on the thing? Right now it seems to raise/lower the volume in 5% or bigger increments and that is just too much. I have a lot of juice in my system and at 5% volume I can't even talk to someone comfortably in the car without shouting over the music.

    I'd just like to have a bit more control over the precision of my volume in Streetdeck.

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    Are you using the new driver or the old?

    I had the same problem with adjustments at the lower end and conversation in the car. Here's what I found out:

    I downloaded the new "improved" driver from the powermate site and it would only adjust in 2% increments at the lowest.

    a re-install of the original drivers gave me back my 1% adjustments and all was fine in the world again.

    Try or some other such site to get the older driver as griffin doesn't seem to have it available anymore..............
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