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Microphone AEC/Noise Cancellation

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  • Microphone AEC/Noise Cancellation

    I've read a few posts about microphone acoustic echo cancellation and noise cancellation but haven't really seen anyone come to a firm conclusion. Noise cancellation isn't an issue but echo cancellation seems to be.

    My question: Is there *any* solution for CarPC users to have phone echo cancellation? I intend on mounting a microphone in my car and integrating my phone through Centrafuse but having an echo would be an issue.

    I have read about the Phoenix SOHO, but I have no PCI slots - so any PCI based hardware solution is out of the question (and would be for many people with CarPCs).

    I hope someone can shed some light on this!

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    A way has been found to use the Phoenix SOHO card externally without a PCI slot in this thread:
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