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Lilli 629 Dies, then Resurrects...

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  • Lilli 629 Dies, then Resurrects...

    I have a 629 possibly manufactured 2006 or 2007. 'Cept for the krappy-looking filmy touchscreen, it works fine.

    But here's a weirdie: when I park my car at airport long-term parking, I take the 629 off its gooseneck and put it in glovebox.

    Twice now when I have returned from week-long trip, the Lilli turned on with a verrry blue-ish screen, and sometimes wouldn't display at all.

    Slowly, over a two-day span, the monitor begins to work again, finally coming fully back to life!

    Something having to do with glovebox temperature?

    Whassup? Anyone?
    Happy CarPC'ing!

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    my guess is that it is the glovebox temp, the heat can do crazy longtime effects on the lcd, mine even gets blurry edges from heat some times cause of all the metal housing parking in direct sunlight

    can anyone confirm this?
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