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    I have been looking all over the web to find some kind of steering control for the PC, basicly I am looking for something to send key strokes to the systems, allowing me to control play/pause, track forward/backward, Fast forward/rewind and volume. Optionaly I would the same buttons to act as Tab/shift tab, right click/alt select, and left click/select. in a perfect world this would be wireless perferably bluetooth.

    All that said, I ahve not found what I wanted/liked, but have found a company that I might be able to make this for me. So I ask how many people would be interested in something like this, it would be a strap on type control about the 2 in hight, an inch wide, and maybe half an inch think. I have a couple of ideas for button layouts, as soon as I can digitize them, I'll post. if anyone has any ideas on layouts send me some graphics eqnish(nospam) remove the (nospam)

    I have no idea on costs right now, or availability, but as soon as I have a good design concept that I can submit for review, I'll have more information!

    Here is a basic sample of what I am thinking about, the color is just for show, most likely it will be all gray or all black, with white symbols. I think all the controls are pretty obvious except for the round blue thing, this would be a volume control.... I'm maybe thinking or making all of these buttons into a 4 way control like what is on some game pads, that way it could be used for other stuff... like maybe controling pair of servos with a Cam attached (then you could Pan tilt zoom a cam.... just a thought!
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    do you have a steering wheel with buttons that control headunit already? If so you can just by the fusion brain with you can interface the steering control to control your carputer,ac controller, ect.


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      i'd be interested.. but only if the price was right. it'd be cool if you could use a usb interface with an rf transmitter/receiver but that may be out of the question.. just a thought.

      buttons i think are important:
      select(add album)
      right(enter directory)
      left(go back one directory)
      next song
      previous song

      i have all of these buttons set up on my wireless mini keyboard, but steering controls would be very nice
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        Originally posted by customaudioman View Post
        do you have a steering wheel with buttons that control headunit already? If so you can just by the fusion brain with you can interface the steering control to control your carputer,ac controller, ect.
        No I dont have any controls on my current steering wheel, I have looked for replacement steering wheels that had controlls, but so far nothing, although I was going to check with mitsubish (I have a 95 eclipse) and see how much a 2007+ Eclipse steering wheel was, and if it might fit on my colume, I am also concerned about having everything look as OEM as posiable and completely functional
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          Hack something like a Ford Focus controller and wire it to a game pad. Its a well walked route and costs peanuts.
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            OK I have a basic electrical planwith this, this idea will allow me to pretty much make in layout desired, I have droped the Idea for a rotery volume knob, so everything is done with buttons. Vol Up/Down, Channle Up/Down, and for me Tab Left/right and select/play

            as I build my prototype, I'm using tactile momentary buttons/switchs, my wire feed is 1 common and one from each button (I'm trying to limit the wirefeed) down to a PIC controller which will be connected to my PC via USB, and some KB emulation software. as soon as I have my buttons made, I can take a few Pictures of the buttons internals. I still have to make the outer shell, and auctual buttons to fit my car, that will be some time, I have not decided yet wither to but half the buttons on the left side of my Steering wheel and the other half on the right, or to just make a add on simialr to the one I Paintshoped above!

            if while you read this you ask why not just hack a keyboard up or game controller... well I don't want it to look like some frankenstined hack job, I have spent a great deal of time and money so that every thing I have done is as OEM looking as possiable!
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