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DVB works when car is parked, driving doesn't

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  • DVB works when car is parked, driving doesn't

    I finished my carpc in record time (2 weeks after first idea). Works perfect!
    But I bought a DVB-TV device:

    Works sweet at zero mph. When I start driving, the tv has bad reception. As if the signals arent made for moving antennas. The antenna is on the roof top.

    Anyone knows a solution for this? Do better DVB-TV devices work when driving?

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    You said it yourself I think... DVB signal really isn't made for moving antennas!


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      TV doesnt work when driving period. Only expensive ones somewhat work and it all depends on your geographic location too.
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        Hmm, bummer.
        It works flawless in parked position and on my laptop at home. For 40euro's it is a cheap device.

        But I will keep it, for during traffic jams.

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          Have you tried adding a signal booster? What about the antenna itself? Is it suitable for DVB-T?


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            The only devices I know to work while driving are the double antenna ones (switches constantly to the strongest signal)... They're stand-alone though

            You could connect them to a capture device and control them over IR, but that would become quite a project wouldn't it?

            List of front-ends/usefull apps
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              You need a diversity type receiver.