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Homemade version of Griffin Powermate

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  • Homemade version of Griffin Powermate

    Hey Guys,

    I thought this might be interesting for those of us who are a little to greedy to pay 50 bucks for the Griffin Powermate Well, just for people who like to do things on their own This is quite an easy project, just go to the local junk yard and pick up an old USB mouse with a scroll wheel and here you go:

    Thought I'd just share this with you.

    By the way, I've been sneakin around here at the forum for a while as a guest, as I decided to sign up. This is my first post! So howdy people! I'm glad to join the CarPC universe

    - Dencker
    Looking forward to picking up a '99 Ford Focus and stuffing a CarPC into it! I'm going for the OEM look. If anyone has tips or are willing to help me, please feel free to contact me!