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Touchscreen WONT CALIBRATE!!!

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  • Touchscreen WONT CALIBRATE!!!

    I cant take this anymore, ive done pretty much everything i can think of to fix this.
    Ill try to explain my problem before anything.

    When i connect my screen to my laptop and install drivers, etc for my touch screen, everything is done succesfully, until it comes to calibrating it, i have no idea what im doing wrong but when it comes to calibrating it it just cant be done.
    Im gonna describe what happens and im also gonna provide a video.
    What basicly happens is with the 4 point calibration, i can calibrate the first point easily (bottom left)
    but the right had side of thescreen wont detect my touch! so i cant calibrate the right hand side and hence the bottom rite wont work, neither will top right but top left is also fine (just like bottom left)
    Heres a video i took to show you what happens:
    when i was mucking around with drivers i was able to get it working once or twice but then same problem started to show up.

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    Do a draw test and see what is up...

    Have you taken apart your screen or is it used? Can you take a credit card or something similar and run it around the edges of the screen to make sure there isnt something lodges between the casing and the sensor.
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