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  • Small Bluetooth Keyboard

    I searched, but saw no mention of this, so I thought I'd share:

    It's pretty sweet. It folds up small enough to stash in my center console, and though it's a little awkward at times it is just fine for occasional sys-admin-type chores.

    Some of the keys have three functions, so it takes 'function' button to type numbers, etc, so this is not something I'd use to write a letter to mom. But if I need to tinker with a configuration file, I can pull over, open this up, hack hack hack, fold it in half, stash it, and move on.

    I want to get to a point where I no longer need a keyboard at all, but in the meantime, this fits the bill.

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    Goes alright, but if it has no touchpad for mouse, it becomes a little limited.

    I use the Logitech DiNovo myself, and find that works really well - granted your option is about half the price


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      Problem with those bluetooth keyboards for a carpc is that you cant use it before windows boots, so you cant use it to go into your BIOS. The only type of bluetooth keyboard Ive found that works at getting into the BIOS is ones that come with their own BT dongle.


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        I have a touch screen, so I didn't even notice the lack of a mouse.

        (Plus I don't use mice very much even with desktop / laptop computers anyway. Hotkeys FTW.)


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          I just searched for the DiNovo - that looks pretty sweet too.


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            Originally posted by NSFW View Post
            I just searched for the DiNovo - that looks pretty sweet too.
            I'm using one it.
            Comes with it's own dongle (but I use a Linksys), battery pack and automatically charges it(no over charging or AA's to worry about).


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              I posted a review of the USB version:


              It's like it but folds into 4 pieces rather than 2. I've used this keyboard with my treo and it's nice, but sometimes finicky about connecting.

              edit: post #16 has another user posting a review of the bluetooth version
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