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  • x7000 problems

    new to the forum guys

    well ive had my x7000 for quite some time now, everything works on it, but when i go to hook up dvi or vga, it constantly tells me no signal, even though its plugged in, with the computer on of course. i troubleshooted it by bringing out a 19" lcd out there computer was booting and working. brought it inside, hooked both the xenarc and computer up to separate power supply, and it still flashed no signal, even hooked my desktop up to it. then it said out of range, realizing that my resolution was to high i changed it to 800x600, and plugged it back into the xenarc, received no signal again, is there something I'm doing wrong with the head unit or, would there be a problem with it?

    i tried both vga and dvi with my desktop as well as the carputer. both set to either DVI or D-sub when plugged in to the head unit.

    i did have the screen working before, i was mocking it up, and in the mock up it was working. made a case and no more. went back to how it was with the mock up, and nothing, i did check all connection, i did reset the HU many times. it just makes me sad

    i e-mailed Xenarc to see if i could RMA it but 2 weeks and no reply.


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    i'm having the exact same problem and i can't find a solution anywhere. also the usb connection goes on and then off every 3-5 seconds... continuously.
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