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  • USB extension problem

    hey everyone. i have a problem. a few days ago i put my car pc into my trunk, so i had to move some usb extension cables (5m) from my car pc to my tft and all the other things in the front of the car. now the problem is, when i put the usb cable of my touchscreen into the extension cable, windows won't detect it. same for my usb memory stick and powermate. as soon as i put the stick directly into the usb port, windows detects the stick. mmh. is it possible that the usb extension cables are poor quality made of? i payed 5$ each. i also tried to lay an extension cable "free" through my car. = the same.


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    Going that distance usually requires an "active" USB cable. It amplifies the signal a little bit to help it go the distance.
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      Not sure if this solution will work, because my PC isnt that far from the front of the car, its in the middle of the car. but what you could do is put a powered USB HUB in the middle of your run, that should get rid of issues. Two of my screens require extensions and I have never had a issue doing it in the manner above, but like i said, i dont have a huge run like you.
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        As stated, a USB hub mid-way or an Active cable (which is a 5m cable with a 1-port hub on the end). like this: 16FT 5M USB 2.0/1.0 Active Extension / Repeater Cable A Male to A Female -Gray
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