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How to use this Volume knop

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  • How to use this Volume knop


    I have got this knop, wich has a push button and a rotating function.

    I know how to wire up the push button up to my keyboard controller.
    But how do i wire the rotating function op to my keyboard controller?
    The controller has 2 wires that need to be shorted when the button is pressed, just like a normal keyboard.

    Heres a picture of the undeside:

    Edit, can it be connected to a mouse instead, like the ScollVolume things?
    I just want the easiest and cheapest way.

    Best Regards
    Morten Jensen

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    Yes, you can connect it to the scrool wheel on your mouse. No problem :-)

    // Per.


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      How do i wire it to the mouse/keyboard?

      Best Regards
      Morten Jensen

      Btw zapro, jeg er også fra DK.


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          It'll depend on the kind of encoder that the mouse uses. Some use more pins than others.

          It might work with this USB gizmo:

          This one is similar but also does LCD:


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            The scroll wheel inside a mouse has 3 legs just like your encoder. All you have to do is desolder the scroll wheel and replace it with wires from your encoder but make sure you take off any resistors or diodes connected to the encoder. You can also hook the push button of the encoder to the middle click of the mouse, that way the encoder can perform 5 different functions using the girder mouse plug-in. Let me know if you need more help.


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              Hi Kalt.

              What wires on the knob should i wire to the mouse encoder?
              And what if i have 2 knobs, one i would use for volume, and one for scolling just like a ordinary mouse?
              The push function on the knob, will be used for a power button, and the other as a enter or mouse click.

              BTW, does this screen sound cheap?
              700PMT, the same as Liliput and Xenarc
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              Screen: Digital with high resolution TFT-LCD (Hitachi brand)
              Physical Resolution:800*480 RGB
              Visual Angle:40(l) ,30(u)
              Brightness: 400
              Contrast: 250
              AV Chromatic System: PAL/NTSC(auto switch)
              Function: OSD menu, touch screen for car PC
              AV(compatible with CD,VCD,DVD,GPS,camera)
              built-in speaker(optional)
              Features:Four wires resistive touch-screen interface (USB port);
              Standard VGA input (15 pin D-SUB )
              Two RCA video input can match with VCD, DVD and camera
              PC operation system: Windows XP, CE/UNIX, ME and 2000

              I can get it for 275 dollars, it that cheap?


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                  why not just go with a lilliput rather than an off brand?
                  i just bought my lilliput off ebay for $175 shipped and for $25 more what youd pay for the no name, mp3care store sells them for $300
                  they call me hack
                  Independence Auto Tech
         - web design :)
                  "Let us search out and examine out ways, and turn back to the Lord; Let us lift our hearts and hands to God in heaven." - lamentations 3:40-41


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                    Because this is the same hardware as a Lilliput, but with higher grade materials, and 2 years warranty.