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  • Buying Touchscreens In Europe


    I'm looking to buy a good 7" touchscreen for my BMW M5 E39. I was interested in the Xenarc 705TSV on the mp3car store. I would love to order from mp3car, but it's unfortunate that the store is located in the US, and I live in Europe. If I order from the US it's likely the package is going to get stuck at customs in my country (has happened to me a few times), and on top of high transportation costs I have to pay toll taxes on the package contents.

    I know this is treading a fine line of the forum rules I just read, but is there any place inside the EU, preferably an online store, from which I could order a Xenarc or some similar 7" touchscreen? So far I can't seem to find any good touchscreen monitors in my own country.

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    Germany :

    The cartft screens are as good as the Xenarc or even better (look at the "premium" ones for high brightness or "open panel" for integration into your dash)

    Netherlands :