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Best way to enabling all VW steering wheel controls

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  • Best way to enabling all VW steering wheel controls


    I'm trying to work out how to enable all buttons on the steering wheel to interface to a car pc for a VW 08 Golf GTI.

    At the moment it looks like I'm going to have to use a SWI-CAN, SWI-X and then use a device like a USBIRT and Girder to control the PC.

    This all seems a bit messy. It would be great if there was a device that interfaced directly via USB or RS232. Do you have any idea if there is such a thing?

    From reading I think the SWI-CAN doesn't let the car know that an Audio device is connected and the right hand side buttons still control the MFD. Is there anything out there that solves this problem?

    Thanks in advance

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    I'd like to know this as well. I've got an '08 GTI with a CarPC also.

    From what I've found, you could probably just use the SWI-CAN to convert the can-bus signals into an anolog signal (voltage/resistance), then use the Fusion Brain interfaced with the SWI-CAN to control the PC.

    Only thing is, I'm not sure what the SWI-CAN outputs. If it's still just outputting a can-bus data stream, then obviously it won't work.

    Can anyone confrim exactly what the SWI-CAN outputs and does?
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      In theory you'd need the SWI-CAN and the Fusion Brain to get the job done as to connect to a regular deck you'd need the SWI-CAN, SWI-insert deck manufacturer here. I'm not sure if it would be the SWI CAN interface that would convert the button presses into voltage or the dedicated unit.