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Suggestions for Carpc Camera Setup

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  • Suggestions for Carpc Camera Setup

    I am wanting to do a camera setup but im a little bit confused and was hoping you guys could throw some ideas and suggestions at me.

    What I would like is a 4 camera setup, preferably powered by the connection to the Carpc. I don't know if I want webcams because of the quality, I would like decent quality video. Not looking for DVD quality or anything, but a good medium.

    I would like the screen to be split 4 ways and show all 4 cameras.

    I would like the cameras to record (with 1 audio input) automatically everytime I turn my car on and saved to the hard drive.

    I would like the oldest file to delete/erase automatically everytime the HD reaches a certain point.....say 50 gigs.

    I don't want 10 second clips, I want continuous recording.

    I would also like time and date on the recording.

    If possible, I would like to, by the push of a button, for the unit/setup to stay on after the car is turned off until I shutdown the unit personally (this could help if pulled over and I want to record the conversation). This isn't necessary though, I can wire in a button to kill the engine without turning the ACC off.

    Sounds like a lot of stipulations but I would love to have this kind of setup so if anyone has any help, I would appreciate it recommendations?

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    here is what you might want to have for 4 video inputs :


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      ^ Very cool!


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        I plan to do the same with a usb 4 channel video device once my carpc is finished. Right now I have this dashcam and back-up cam setup with decent quality cameras, especially the dashcam.
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          ^ thanks

          What about my software requests, any ideas?


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            i would also like to have a very simlar setup with two cameras one front and one rear prefferably usb, any help much appreactited, also what are the best cameras to use for this want to be able to read number plates about 10-20 meters in front and and behide the car