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  • Car2PC - Contact Support?

    Does anyone have a phone number for Car2PC support?

    I have a 2007 Mazda RX8 with firmware 9.82. I purchased their product over a year ago and finally finished my install however my head unit does not detect the adapter. I contacted their support via email and they told me they would were unable to assist me because the product is beyond the warranty period. So I purchased a brand new Car2PC adapter and I am encountering the exact same issue.

    I have since been in contact with their support however it has been an absolute joke. They take 3 days to respond and have not offered up any assistance in terms of technical support. The only thing they have said is something is wrong and you can return the product.

    Well returning the product is not an option for me as I have invested thousands of dollars and countless hours into this project. I need to get in contact with an engineer or someone there who is able to provide me some technical assistance.

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    hey man, I had the same problem for a while and my car when on start up would not detect the adapter. I had to manually switch from fm radio to aux everytime... and it was becoming a pita... After a while, I notice that it was becoming a random problem and eventually it stop happening. I m not saying that this is your case but its been 4 months since the randomness disappeared and its been working fine for me since.


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      How did you manually change it?


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        well i drive a bmw 2000 with stock headunit... on those cars when you connect the car2pc adapter, it taps to the headunit as a cd changer... there are two buttons "cd and radio".... to switch to cd changer i had to press "cd" twice to toggle between the options. What is your setup with car2pc? Is it connected to a stock headunit if so, read your manually on how your headunit works... as for aftermarket your on your own...I have no clue on aftermarket...


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          Mine should also work the same by hitting the CD button twice. It does not work.


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            well all i can say is check the wires and make sure your tapping into the correct wires... get a wire diagram for your car and see if it matches the diagram car2pc gave you... good luck.