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    Okay- so I'm in the mid-stage of planning on my new CarPC. One thing that always bugged me about Civic PC 1.0 is that it took a good deal of time to start up, and would be without music\etc for the first 60-90 seconds of my car ride.

    So seeing as my Civic was totaled out by a ill fated run in with a deer and I have since aquired a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, I have an idea. My area is notorious for theft and I have always had some kind of vehical alarm system. Seeing as I am again in the market for a new alarm system and installing a new PC- I have an idea...

    I'm thinking about getting one of the more top end systems on the market that has the optional solenoids and using it as a way of switching the inverter on\off before I get in the car. Has anyone done this, maybe able to point me in the direction of a how to or something of the sort? I'd appreciate it!

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    Replace the inverters power switch with a relay and use a negative trigger from the alarm to activate the relay.

    Depending on the alarm you may be able to set it to activate the output from a button on the remote or have it activated when the alarm is disarmed. The most basic alarms should be able to do this.