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  • Lilliput 629gl

    I have a lilliput 629gl LED backlit touchscreen. The 40 pin pressure cable came off the pcb board so I ordered a new one from Mouser. I had some service people solder it on for me. Now I get a picture but the screen has a purple tint to it unless I lower the brightness and contrast.

    If I lower the brightness and contrast the picture looks perfect but the picture is significantly dimmer. I cant even set it 50/50 or a natural reset without it becoming pink/purple.

    I looked at the solder points under a magnifying glass, thinking maybe some solder was causing a short-circuit but I cant find any solder points that touch.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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      Lilliput Cable

      Maybe this does not apply if you have had service people check it out but this was my problem.

      I have had ribbon cable issues with my 8" Lilliput screen since I have been fitting it into a custom case and more than once it was yanked out of the end connector. I have noticed that the ribbon cable has never fit super tight in the connector because the connector is large enough to have room to move.

      More than once this has led to discoloration if the cable is not lined up properly, most often saturated red or green. Then I would keep lining it up and eventually the colors were perfect again. Probably easiest to test with the monitor casing opened up instead of having to open up and put back together many times.

      Eventually my ribbon cable was abused enough that the tiny pins on the ribbon cable were lifting up and almost crossing over each other. In the process of fixing or finding a replacement. I'll have to check out that Mousers.

      Its possible your model does not have this problem. Mine is the slightly older 8" Lilliput.