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  • Half Keyboard

    Heres for all those wanting an itsy-bitsy keyboard.

    Its for pda's, but the have it for PC as well (usb connector too ). its 99 bux with 5 shipping.

    a bit pricey, but for those who can't wait for a palm keypad hack it should do!

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    heres another full size mini keyboard with ps2 connector.
    don't know what the price is, but someone can inquire


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      On that last link theres a really neat Vheicle display/control system.

      I think its like a headunit panel with a 2x40 character lcd built in to it, 20 multifunction buttons. It say it has an rs232 interface (serial) so thats handy to have. Im not really sure if its completely for connecting to a computer or not, it says soemthing about being able to interface with a stock radio.
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        ROFL a keyboard with a wrist band

        *GEEK ALERT*


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          Vehicle Mobile Data Terminal model STX-4000i

          Sent company an email requesting more information on the item

          Would be easy to hack a keyboard to the keypad. 20 functions would be plently enough. Now the LCD might be a chore. But if someone has the cash floating around. Could just replace the LCD with another one that could be run serial

          Probably a very expensive unit
          Awaiting response from email
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            Wow would that Arm Mount Micro Keyboard be perfect! not for arm mounting, but for in car use, sadly the site was last updated in 1999 and the tel is disconnected. I sent an email & it bounced However I am thinking we are on the right track, perhaps the wearable-computer-people may have some things we can use..
            Anyone read the book Snow Crash.. gargoyles heh heh.

            somone posted something about a hack for that crique keypad that might be worth a shot
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