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  • NetRemote

    Those crazy kids over at AVSForums have found someone that is setting up Pocket PC's as wireless control devices for their Home Theatre PC's:

    Totally sweet.

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    very cool, I think pda's and pc remotes may make computers in the car a little easier to use. I found a place that makes software to allow a palm to control a pc... so, I can buy a cheap thumboard keypad for the palm, and use it to type into the pc! the perfect space saver! if, if only the connection was fast enough to view normal video over, I would get one of those color palms, and forget about getting a screen for the car computer entirely!
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      not a practical application for a carputer. Requires a lan connection. Plus that prog seems to run only on pocketPC type pda.


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        There are a lot of apps out there for the Palm also. I have tried Busker, PalmAMP and Jukebox at this point. Jukebox has the best interface from my testing. PalmAMP is the only one I can get to work on my Visor Edge though but it has good playlist editing.

        Now if I could just bring my self to shell out the $85 to send my Palm Vx off to the Netherlands to be fixed....
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