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How bout a game pad??

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  • How bout a game pad??

    Instead of keyboard or mouse, how bout a game pad??

    I have the gravis gamepad pro, $14 bux (or less if you look around) Theres also a free program on gravis site which allows the gamepad's button to be remapped for different programs.

    This could take care of alot of commands, 8 way directional pad can act like a mouse, and there's 10 buttons that can be remapped.

    Plus if you can play games too

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    A Gravis Gamepad Pro is what is use to!

    It's pretty cheap and not difficult to program. The 10 buttons + 2 axes (4 buttons) = 14 buttons give me plenty options.

    Look at then go to the hardware section to see how I will be using the gamepad.
    The website not totally finisched yet, sorry for that.......

    Greetz, Jospfh
    Free circuit designs at!