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PS2 To 12volt (without invertor help)

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  • PS2 To 12volt (without invertor help)

    hi all
    a few years ago in my old old car i converted my large PS2 into 12volt but cannot seem to find a guide on here anymore i dont wanna use an invertor does anyone have a guide for this?

    I also dont want to use a slim PS2 as these done work how i need it to witht the disk drive


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    How about this:

    Cant tell if it is an invereter, but I dont think so. I am sure you could find a dealer that sells in USD.
    Hope it helps.
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      I believe* that the power supply inside the Large PS2's were just a 12V/5V supply. I'm not 100% sure though. I had to fix ours once as the PS2 was dropped from a high place and the power supply board broke. We don't have the complete PS2 anymore, but I think I may know where the power supply is. If I find it, I'll see if it still powers up and test the voltages.
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        I did it on our old PS2.

        The PSU inside the PS2 is a bunch of capacitors and regualators. You need two fixed regulators, a 12V and a 5V. You can use capacitors too if you wish.


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          The slim runs on 8.5 volts. If you look at your brick it says right on it.
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