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    I have a sony ercission phone .i can use that phone as a mouse for my car pc .sony ercission has a tool you can use to coustomize that for any application .I dont know how to to do it. so if some one know how to do it that be help full

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    very nice

    in my opinion sony ericsson is the best all around cell phone i am actually fresh to mobile computing but i wanted to share with you the benifits of our phone especially the the w760 model which has faster that 3G speed i bought a bluetooth adapter from wal-mart for 20.00 and i can surf the internet via bluetooth at faster than 3g speeds i also wanted to get bac at your question about the hid human interface device that allows you to control your microsoft media player with your phone if you have any questions all all about this subject do not hesitate to question me on it


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      ive used it before but it works poorly. Its very slow and jerky. Much better to just get a touchpad or something similar. You need a bluetooth adapter in the pc and set it as a human interface device and then send a request from your phone after you pair them.

      and to the above poster => that is one LONG sentence lol
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