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Kenwood 7" touchscreen question?

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  • Kenwood 7" touchscreen question?

    I recently boguht the 7" touchscreen tv from kenwood and i am waiting for it to come in..i was wonderin where i go to get drivers for the screen so i can use the touchscreen with windows when i hook my computer up to it..or do i not need drivers? someone help me out here..this is for my senior project in school and i need to learn fast because its due soon..My stuff shoudl be here anyday..please help

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    Most of that stuff is proprietary. If you can get the pinouts and such you might be able to swing it... but good luck getting them.


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      Yeah, I gotta agree w/ ddt on this. I dont think it will work. its like the queston "how can I use a laptop screen as a monitor on a regular computer"... Its possible Im sure... but its going to be time consuming and will cost some $, The built in controller wont work for you... you will have to get a touchscreen controller... if you need this working fast....
      a) return the entire unit and buy one from digitalww, or
      b) remove the touchscreen and replace it with one from digitalww.. or
      c) give up on using the touchscreen and just use the lcd for video.
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        The only way to get that to work would to
        a) get some serious help from Kenwood's engineers, requiring quite a bit of time and money
        b) violate the DMCA, requiring quite a bit of time and money
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