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  • Broken Touchscreen

    Hi Guys,

    New member here I hope to be around in the various other topics and stuff in the future, for now though I have a more pressing matter.

    I bought a 7" touchscreen, I have no idea of the make just that the LCD works.

    However the touchscreen is cracked, looks like it could have taken a knock in the post.

    Doing a bit of reasearch, I can see that the t'screen operates indepentantly of the LCD through software.
    The screen is powered by USB and the ribbon for the comms inserts directly into the control board.

    When the software is installed on my car pc I can see the touchscreen but can't calibrate it, which is quite obvious because if the crack I guess.

    My question is can I use any Touchscreen?, the screen I have is 4 wire, so that is the screen I would prefer to have.

    Sorry if this appears like advertising but have a 7" screen that looks like the one I'm after, they sent me a ton of pictures and other info, but the connector from the ribbon cable to the control card uses a 4 pin connector to connect one to the other, again does this pose a problem? is it just a case that if the screen is the same size and same wire ( 4 wire for example) then it will work ok?

    Hope you can help me, or put me on the right track, by the way I bought the LCD and touchscreen for next to nothing so I'd rather buy the screen than send the whole lot back.

    Thanks alot people.


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    those are cheap pieces of tai***n crap. i already had two of those (lilliputs) with broken touchscreen interface after 1 year usage.

    not made for car usage (vibrations, temperature etc.)


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      I bought a 7" touch screen kit (that I have yet to use) from a site called deal extreme, looks like this one except mine didn't come with that four port usb hub board. It works pretty well and it's less than $40. It looks somewhat durable. My intentions for it were to make an in-dash car pc with a 7" screen, without having to use a Lilliput or anything like that. Unfortunately, lack of funds halted that project dead in it's tracks.
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        Kibble have you sill got the LCD then? And or looking to sell it?


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          Well, it's not a vga LCD or anything, it needs to be interfaced to a controller board. The only connector on it is a 40 pin, digital 18bit input.
          Kids, don't play with too many knives! -Crack Stuntman


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            I bought 2 of those from ebay and broke the first one while installing it, and 2nd one I broke it while I was taking it off from double sided tape
            calibration worked before I taped it on front of the screen. I had 6.2" since my screen was only 6". Now I'm debating if I should re-order the screen for $40 or buy a touchpad.
            Touch screen was pita to use while driving on my pop-up screen which was on top of my center console.